Andrew Hampel announced as speaker at Premium Seat Seminar at the Stadium Summit in Turin.

Andrew Hampel announced as speaker at Premium Seat Seminar at the Stadium Summit in Turin. thumbnail

SPEAKER PREVIEW: Planning the premium experience - research leads the way

When designing a new stadium, and when planning our premium seat offerings, a common mistake made by clubs is simply to design a bigger version of your competitors’ stadium; and to replicate other clubs’ premium seating models. However, every club and every fan base is unique… one size certainly does not fit all.

According to Andrew Hampel, CEO of ISG – the market leader in forecasting, maximising and delivering long-term sustainable revenue from seating in stadia and arenas – by understanding this, and by designing a bespoke premium seat offering tailored to the market, teams can deliver far better experiences to guests… and enjoy substantially improved returns.

“Historically, very low levels of sophistication have been applied by clubs when making some key decisions relating to their stadiums,” explains Andrew.

“Questions: such as what is my stadium capacity going to be? What percentage of this should be premium seating? What percentage should be in boxes? How should our different premium offerings be configured?”

“The lack of sophistication used when answering these questions has meant that many clubs have not managed to produce the most appropriate in-stadium experience for their target audience. That, in turn, leads to a failure to maximise revenues.”

According to Hampel, clubs should consider the approach that companies in other industries take when launching consumer products; and adopt best practice from these sectors when planning their offerings.

“If one looks at the lengths that a firm such as Coca-Cola may go to when launching a new soft-drink, or a car manufacturer launching a new car – the big consumer brands spend an enormous amount of time and effort both to understand their audience, and then to tailor a product to suit that audience.

“Building a stadium is an extremely expensive business, but clubs typically seem happy to make some very important decisions without all of the key information available to them.”

At Premium Seat Seminar, Andrew will offer delegates an insight into ISG’s meticulous approach to research; in particular, documenting ISG’s work with Galatasaray FC ahead of the launch of the Turk Telecom Arena in 2011.

“We helped the club undertake a rigorous research process, and then use this intelligence to inform product offerings, pricing levels and revenue forecasts. The results have been phenomenal, exceeding the club’s original predictions by over 100%.

“As I will be explaining in Turin, our philosophy is that by conducting extensive research, and getting a robust understanding of who your consumers are and what those consumers want, clubs can create experiences that best meet those needs. Optimising revenue is a by-product of getting these crucial stages right. The other significant advantage of our approach is that revenues are more predictable. Allied to our track record of achieving revenue forecasts, this creates a bankable proposition against which providers of finance will more readily make available the capital required to build the stadium, as we found at Wembley”

LEARN FROM ISG and a world-class line up of industry leaders from North America and the Europe only at Premium Seat Seminar 2012.

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About the speaker: Andrew Hampel is CEO of ISG and a highly experienced and respected senior executive in the field of sports marketing and in particular in the stadia and arena financing sector.

Following 20 years at IMG, which culminated in becoming managing director of IMG, Europe, Africa and the Middle East and a member of the global executive management board, Andrew established ISG in 2006 in partnership with Ian Todd and Robin Saunders (who led the financing of Wembley while at West LB).

Having worked across many disciplines of sports marketing while at IMG, Andrew assumed leadership of the Stadia and Arena Group and was responsible for establishing IMG's extraordinarily successful premium seating project at Wembley. Many of the other key executives who worked on that project have joined ISG, and ISG has quickly established itself as a leader in the field of maximising revenue from the best tickets in sports and entertainment venues as part of a long term business strategy.

Andrew has lead the expansion of ISG's business from its original base in the USA and the UK into new markets such as Turkey (the new Turk Telekom Arena, home of Galatasaray), Sweden (the Swedbank Arena) and Brazil (FIFA World Cup venues)

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