Decision on Camp Nou future to be made in January 2014

Decision on Camp Nou future to be made in January 2014 thumbnail

ISG research informs decision making process on Camp Nou future

Toni Freixa, the spokesman for the Barcelona’s Board of Directors, explained today that FC Barcelona will make a definitive decision on the future of their stadium, the Camp Nou, in January next year. Freixa announced that the Board will have to decide whether to expand the existing stadium or to construct a new facility, either at the existing site or at another location. As part of ISG’s engagement by FC Barcelona, ISG prepared a full business plan for both options, which allowed the Board of FC Barcelona to understand the economic implications of the two alternatives. The foundation of these business plans was the work undertaken by ISG’s research division, Comperio Research.

Comperio Research's process involved consulting 10,000 of Barcelona’s 170,000 socios, commercial clients and prospective businesses via a detailed online survey. The results from the survey allowed ISG, in conjunction with Barcelona, to analyse the potential revenue growth from the alternative potential future stadium projects.  

This research is therefore crucial when it comes to determining the financial viability of stadium related projects and will form a key part of the Board’s decision making process. Understandably, many supporters have voiced their fears over the potential cost of such a large scale project but Freixa reassured them that the club would “…never submit a project that would endanger the sustainability of the Club.”

Regardless of which option is chosen, Freixa confirmed that in both projects the stadium would be covered and the capacity raised from 99,345 to 105,000, in line with ISG’s recommendations, which would make it the 3rd largest stadium in the world.

To see full details of Toni Freixa’s interview, click here

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