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"The Turk Telecom Arena project was already at the advanced planning stage when, at the instigation of Galatasaray's Ebru Koksal, we first became involved in 2007", reveals Andrew Hampel, the CEO of ISG.

“The Türk Telekom Arena project was already at the advanced planning stage when, at the instigation of Galatasaray’s Ebru Köksal, we first became involved in 2007,” reveals Andrew Hampel, the CEO of ISG.

Köksal has been the driving force behind the project and enlisted ISG to sell the Deniz Club packages comprising 4,778 VIP seats and 152 boxes. An extensive six-month research period helped to gain an in-depth understanding of the Turkish market and Istanbul locale, analysing socio, economic and cultural trends, all of which shaped the overall configuration and specification of the stadium.

The results showed some of the corporations surveyed were interested in boxes for up to 20 people, while other SMEs required only eight-seaters. “Ultimately, we ended up with eight box sizes, ranging from six to 30 seats, with four price points for the VIP seating,” Hampel continues. “This is where we’re able to provide input and guidance in terms of the architecture and design, working closely with the team to build integrity into the segmented product list that you’re devising. Your starting point is not, ‘How much are you willing to spend?’ It should be, ‘What experience would you like?’

This was a challenge for the Türk Telekom Arena as such premium packages are entirely new to the market. You’re setting a new benchmark in terms of the quality of experience and educating
people as to how good that experience might be is key. 

“We advised that the product initially be sold on a three- or five-year term, although the client wanted three-year terms with all payments up front, which was a challenge in itself when the majority of the fan base is at the lower end of the affluency scale. But we’re very pleased with the way things have gone – the boxes have all sold out, and we’re ahead of our targets for the VIP seat sales.”

Article published by kind permission of Stadia Magazine, March 2011
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