Good Progress on Atlético’s Stadium

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Atlético’s stadium design enhanced based on CenterplateISG’s expertise

Since Club Atlético de Madrid and Centerplate ISG signed a pioneering partnership in February 2014, work has been on going to ensure the experience at the new stadium will be incredible for all the fans. CenterplateISG have been working closely with the club to ensure the food and beverage service to the fans will be unparalleled in the industry and the premium areas will be the best in Europe. In addition consideration has been given to ensuring the stadium is operable 24/7.

Antonio Cruz from Cruz y Ortiz, the stadium’s architects, said “Atlético want to increase their revenue streams from the stadium and they want to utilise the stadium 24/7. There is a lot of space inside the building and we are trying to make sure we use all of this volume in the best way. So in the last month we have been working on incorporating changes to include restaurants shops and hospitality that can be used every day”.

Richard Cheesman from ISG said, “This will be one of the iconic stadia in Europe and the planning work we have been undertaking over the past few months will really help make sure it is a great experience for all the fans that visit. The fact we have been able to engage with the club and their architects more than two years before opening gives us flexibility and ensures any changes are done in a cost effective way.”

The stadium is already 20 years in the making and so architects Cruz y Ortiz have reassured the club's followers that the changes will not cause any delay, and the stadium remains on course to be ready in time for the start of the 2016/17 season.

Full details of the latest developments and the role of CenterplateISG in the Atlético stadium project can be found in this article from the Summer edition of Pan Stadia and Arena Management.

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