Major Milestone in ISG’s Ticketing and Hospitality Project at Twickenham

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At the Rugby Football Union (RFU) Council Meeting held on September 4th 2015, a key change to the RFU's ticketing policy was approved by a significant majority.

ISG has been working with the RFU since Autumn 2014 to ensure that Twickenham, the 82,000 seat home of English Rugby and one of the most iconic stadia in the world remains world-class in the decades to come. ISG has developed a long term strategy to deliver better experiences for all consumers and to drive greater profit for the RFU from Twickenham based on ISG’s research and business analysis. These recommendations required several changes to ticketing strategies and practices, and culminated in the measures approved by Council on 4 September. When implemented in full, the strategy will enable a larger number of rugby fans to attend matches, increase income to rugby clubs (who are the ultimate owners of the stadium) throughout England and ensure the RFU's financial contribution to grassroots rugby can continue to grow. As part of ISG's work, ISG have worked alongside the RFU to present the changes to a wide range of rugby clubs throughout England, including a ten-stop roadshow to all parts of the country where the detailed proposals were set out in a constructive consultation period.

The changes have also already led to a change in the hospitality structure at Twickenham, which will see a more market focused experience being delivered by the RFU and its official partners, which will provide a better customer experience and increased revenues for the game, whilst maintaining price accessibility and seat quality for the true rugby fans.

These changes will also form the platform for a wider strategy being developed by ISG for the RFU which will enhance the customer experience for all, including hospitality customers, debenture holders and rugby fans throughout the stadium. This work is ongoing and will help the RFU deliver a true legacy from the excitement and interest generated by the Rugby World Cup, which starts later this month and culminates in the Final at Twickenham on Saturday October 31st 2015.

Sophie Goldschmidt, Chief Commercial and Marketing Officer for the RFU said "This decision by the RFU Council is an important milestone and is a considerable achievement. The ticketing and hospitality arrangements at Twickenham have evolved over a long period and are very complex. Indeed they have been deemed too difficult to change, which has restricted our ability to derive the true potential of Twickenham. The detailed research work and unparalleled insight of ISG has unlocked this and opened all of our eyes to the opportunities. We are delighted to be working with the team at ISG going forward to help us deliver the opportunity which this decision allows."

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