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Stadium Seat Sales and Revenue Maximisation

The crucial element in developing the correct strategy is to gain an in-depth understanding of the local market. This starts with Research and Product Definition.

Research and Product Definition

Through Comperio Research we undertake an extensive qualitative and quantitative research process in order to gain an in-depth understanding of that market.

ISG and Comperio Research have developed the most sophisticated stadium research techniques in the market to enable clients to move from subjective, qualitative input (management instinct, executive whim, traditional surveys) to objective, quantitative output (sophisticated household information and conjoint measurement techniques).

Strategy Development and Product Definition

The research results are analysed using proprietary methodology and unparalleled experience to create the optimum deliverable programme for the generation of revenue from seating.

This process will involve the application of best of breed expertise in each of the following aspects:

  • Research
  • Analysis
  • Contract negotiation, Identification and securing of content
  • Elimination of competitive product
  • Seating product definition which includes:
    1. Desirable adjustments to stadium design
    2. Segmentation of seating into defined product categories
    3. Interface between these categories and with General Admission ticketing
    4. Identification and securing of additional benefits /amenities for seating categories
    5. Pricing
    6. Volume
    7. Terms of Offer

ISG brings these elements together to deliver a business plan that can support financing. ISG is then responsible for delivering these revenue streams through sales and marketing.

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ISG is the market leader in forecasting and maximising revenue from seating in stadia and arenas, and enhancing the spectator experience. ISG's uniquely experienced senior executive team has been responsible for generating more than $2 billion in revenues at more than 15 projects.